Garritan Jazz & Big Band Reviews and Awards

Wusik Sound Magazine Review


“JABB3 offers 10 different types of sax. Each sax has a bunch of dedicated controls including, but not limited to, slur, auto-slur, vibrato, key click, growl, intonation and timbre…you can produce a performance that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The samples are impeccable.”

“This is very much a complete library for those looking for  a good range of instruments for the Jazz and Big Band genres…it excels at what it does. If you are putting together some some Jazz music, a bit of Fusion or wanting to recreate the Big Band era than JABB3 deserves your consideration.”
Reviewed by Adrian Frost in the December 2012 issue

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Electronic Musician 2007 Editors Choice Award


The First Jazz Library to win the Editor’s Choice Award

“Composing and arranging for jazz band just got a lot easier…. This “band” has groove power that will lift you out of your seat, with wailing saxes, screeching trumpets and howling trombones as well as a full rhythm section that never drops a beat…. Jazz and Big Band uses a “performance-driven” approach to articulation that requires you shape and sculpt the performances. A healthy dose of MIDI controller data is often needed to create convincing musical passages. But whether you’re composing a smokin’ swing or bop chart or arranging an ultra smooth fusion or cool score, Jazz and Big Band will be the only sample library you’ll need. Here’s a tap on the stand to the Garritan crew!”

Sound on Sound 5/5 Star Award

SOS-b_000“Gary Garritan’s latest product is aimed at the jazz community, offering an enormous number of multi-sampled instruments at an unfeasibly low UK price. The library is unique in providing the entire saxophone family… The brass is similarly comprehensive: … the amazingly comprehensive instrumentation, convenience of use, educational value, and affordability of this smart little package lift it into the five-star bracket.”
Reviewed in April 2006 issue

Keyboard Key Buy Award


“Wide range of jazz-oriented brass and woodwind instruments. Individual instruments have personality. Extended ranges and articulations are perfect for jazz styles. Lots of expressive potential via MIDI continuous controllers.”

Music Tech Recommended Award

musictech-b“Gary Garritan can legitimately lay claim to having produced the world’s first jazz and big band sample library. If you’re serious about writing for jazz ensembles… J&BB is the best sample library/player for the job currently available.”

“a perfect example of… providing valuable tools for the creation of music. Surely, that’s what music technology is all about? If you’re into writing for jazz musicians and big bands, buy a copy of J&BB. You’ll not regret the purchase.”

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