Garritan Harps Reviews

Computer Music Magazine Review

ComputerMusicJune2013Heart-stopping harp sampling….as the creator of the seminal GigaHarp GigaStudio library, Gary Garritan knows a thing or two about sampling harps….recorded using four harps – two Salvi Pedals, two Venus Concert Grands and a Lyon & Healy.”

“A set of six Dynamic and Performance controls come premapped to six MIDI CCs….excellent reverbs – algorithmic and convolution, the latter including some suitably ethereal and majestic harp-orientated presets….Activating Pedal mode brings another level of harping authenticity into play….”

“Our favourite is the Lyon & Healy, but they all sound magnificient and between them cover a broad tonal spectrum. If a virutal harp is on your shopping list, put this one at the top – it’s approachable, intuitive and sonically stunning.”

Computer Music – May 2013, 9/10 stars
MusicRadar – May 2013, 4.5/5.0 stars

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