Garritan Instant Orchestra Sound Library

Orchestration has never been so easy!

Garritan Instant Orchestra is a revolutionary sound library that reinvents the way orchestral music is created by simplifying and streamlining the process. It is designed to create full cinematic orchestrations from just a few lines of music. With pre-packaged combinations and mash-ups, mood-based presets, and orchestral effects, you can evoke any emotion–instantly.  It provides an empowering experience where almost any musician can sound like an A-list Hollywood composer, by simply creating just a few staves of music.

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Experience Mischievous to Ghost Ship to Gentle Touch


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“Contains a large variety of unusual and colourful orchestra textures…its musical combinations are imaginative and often inspiring”

“…spend more of your precious time composing rather than fiddling around with obscure articulations and huge MIDI templates.” 

-Sound on Sound Magazine

“An innovative library that lets you quickly build orchestral textures and effects. This library is to orchestrators what loop collections are to DJ, dance, and groove arrangers: a way to create instant music that get you well more than halfway to your goal…Every patch is finished-sounding and designed to save you time and effort.”

“…particularly suited for scoring film, video, and games, because it allows you to create quickly finished-sounding work…”

-Electronic Musician Magazine

“Suitable for pros and amateurs alike, IO is an excellent value-for-the-money cinematic-style library that punches well above its weight.”

“The mood-based presets provide a great way of ‘jump-starting’ the process of setting up instruments to accompany cinematic images or onstage actions…cover a large range of emotions and atmospheres. “An abundance of orchestral effects… these sounds will be particularly useful for musicians involved in creating music for film, television and games.”

-MusicTech Magazine, April 2012

“Instant Orchestra is absurdly simple to use and sounds a lot more expensive than it is. All the production work has been done for you, and Instant Orchestra sounds terrific – very Hollywood, and decidedly Garritan.”

“…we have such delights as Discovering Avalon, Ghost Ship and Instant Cartoon, all sounding just like their names imply…as well as mood-based patches, numerous special effect are included along with an effective array of Blending Textures.”

-Computer Music Magazine

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