Features and Benefits

The unique sounds of jazz and big bands

Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 features the jazz sounds, ranges, and techniques required to make your music swing with the authenticity of a real jazz or big band group. The Jazz & Big Band 3 sampled sound library integrates the uniquely powerful and high-performance ARIA Player.

Comprehensive collection with over 60 instruments

  • Sixteen different saxophones ranging from a diminutive sopranino saxophone to a large subcontrabass saxophone
  • Brass instruments with various mutes and additional release effects such as kisses, falloffs, doits, half valve and shakes
  • Jazz rhythm section with percussive techniques for piano and guitar, electric and acoustic bass, electric piano and drum kits

 Building Ensembles

  • Build your jazz ensembles and big bands one instrument at a time, exactly as you wish. Create solos, duos, jazz trios, quartets, jazz ensembles, or a full big band.
  • Ensemble Manager contains a collection of pre-configured instrumental combinations for your convenience.
Instrument List

Sopranino saxophone, Mezzo Soprano sax, 2 Soprano saxophones, (1 straight, 1 curved), 3 Alto saxophones, C Melody saxophone, 4 Tenor saxophones, Baritone sax, Bass saxophone, Contrabass saxophone, Sub-contrabass saxophone, plus derivative ensemble instruments.

6 TRUMPETS (with mutes)
5 Bb Trumpets (all with extended range, one with extreme range) open and with straight mute, cup mute, Harmon mute, and bucket mute, Flugelhorn, plus derivative ensemble instruments

5 TROMBONES (with mutes)
Including 4 Tenor Trombones and Bass Trombone open and with straight mute, cup mute, Harmon mute, and bucket mute, plus derivative ensemble instruments

Piccolo, Alto Flute, C Flute, Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tuba, Harmonica, plus derivative ensemble instruments

Steinway B grand piano, Vintage electric piano, Jazz Accordion, Rock Organ

2 Electric guitars, Acoustic guitar, Banjo

2 Upright acoustic basses, 2 Fretless electric basses, 2 Fretted electric basses

Classic Stick kits, Fusion Stick Kit, plus separate instruments (kick, snare, toms, hi-hat, cymbals), Brush kit (with controllable stirs) plus separate instruments

Vibraphone (hard and soft mallets), Wide variety of percussion including Latin percussion, bongos, congas, timbales, wood blocks, shakers, bells, whistles, etc.

Ensemble Presets

Big Band Rhythm Section, Big Band Rhythm Section Lite

Fusion Quartet, Fusion Quartet Lite

Jazz Piano Trio, Jazz Piano Trio Lite

Jazz Quintet, Jazz Quintet Lite

Jazz Sextet, Jazz Sextet Lite,

Sax Section, Sax Section Lite

Trombone Section, Trombone Section Lite

Trumpet Section, Trumpet Section Lite, Trumpet and Trombone Section, Trumpet and Trombone Sections Lite

Vibraphone Quartet, Vibraphone Quartet Lite

Accordion Trio, Accordion Trio Lite

Rhythm & Blues Band, Rhythm & Blues Band Lite

Funk Rhythm Section, Funk Rhythm Section Lite

Big Band #1, Big Band #1 Lite, Big Band #2, Big Band #2 Lite, Big Band #3, Big Band #3 Lite, Big Band #4, Big Band #4 Lite


Proudly powered by the ARIA Player Advanced Instrument Engine

The Garritan Jazz & Big Band 3 sound library is proudly powered by the ARIA Player. No need to purchase a separate sampler. Learn More


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