Garritan Weekend Challenge – Dream Music

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The weekend is fast approaching and we’re giving you another composition challenge. This weekend, we’re challenging you to write 30 seconds of dream music. This can likely be interpreted in a billion different ways musically, and if we know you, we know this weekends music is going to be interesting.

You may remember how our challenges work from our last Garritan Weekend Challenge – Action Trailer. Listen to one your colleagues who took the Action Trailer Weekend Challenge here.

If you’re new to the Garritan Weekend Challenges, this is simply a chance for you to hide away in your studio for a couple of hours and practice writing music for no good reason other than it’s fun. Use Garritan sounds exclusively, or blend them with your other sound libraries. There are really no rules.

If you’d like to share your dream music, post a link in the comments below. Then stay tuned to the Garritan Facebook Page, SoundCloud group, and Twitter feed on Monday, where we will feature our favorite dream music weekend challengers. We’re looking forward to hearing what you compose.

All the best,

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