Using Garritan in Reaper

Garritan in Reaper

Welcome to the next in our series of blog posts about using Garritan libraries in other software programs. Garritan libraries are designed for use in DAWs or Notation programs, and many MakeMusic employees do just that. If you’ve never used a VST, Audio Units or RTAS plugin in your favorite DAW or Notation program before, this series will help you get set up and introduce you to some of the features that Garritan has to offer to bring your music to life.

Here’s Chester Yourczek with a guide to using Garritan in Reaper:

Cockos Reaper is one of the most underrated audio software programs out there. It’s a full-fledged DAW that can handle itself just as well as Logic or Pro Tools (at a fraction of the cost). Also, users of Reaper get to “reap” the benefits of having a program that is open-source, therefore support and updates are always free and plentiful.  Cockos even offers a free, 60-day, downloadable “evaluation” license of Reaper (which means if you are like me, you can take Reaper for a test drive to decide if it fits your needs or if you would like to pay a little more for another DAW).

Setting up Garritan to playback within Reaper is as fast as having a Nascar pit crew. With these steps, I’ll show you the most optimal way to setup your session quickly for creating music. I mean who wants to be wasting time with a complicated setup instead of making tunes, right?

 Click here to see how to set up Garritan in Reaper.

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