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Users of Garritan libraries come from all over the globe and specialize in countless types of music making. Wherever you’re joining us from, and whatever your background is, we’re so glad that you are here. We’re excited to have you as a subscriber, and before we get too comfortable on our soapbox, we’d like to ask you: what would you like to see us blog about? We’d like you to request a post!

We are committed to bringing you interviews from industry professionals, providing tips and techniques for using our software, and other community news. So lets hear from you. Have you always wondered how to achieve a particular effect in one of our libraries? Would you like to use Garritan libraries along with another music software? Did your college professor give you an assignment with Garritan that you’d like our experts to explain as well?

To request a post, leave a comment below, post on our Facebook wall, or send us a tweet @Garritan. Request a blog topic for one of our many authors to address. We’re glad you’ve joined us here and we’ll work hard to create the content you want to read.

All the best,
Baseball Beth | MakeMusic Inc.


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