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Garritan in GarageBand

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Welcome to the next in a series of articles to discuss using Garritan libraries in a variety of music software programs. If you’ve never used a VST, Audio Units or RTAS plugin in your favorite DAW or Notation program before, this series will help you get set up and introduce you to some of the features that Garritan has to offer to bring your music to life.

Today we are going to discuss utilizing Garritan sounds in Apple’s GarageBand.The main article deals with setting up GPO to work with GarageBand. To learn more about setting up the Aria player and customizing individual Garritan instruments in GarageBand, Click Here.

GPO in GarageBand

GarageBand is a fantastic tool for composition and sketching ideas; it’s fast and effective, but could benefit from a more detailed orchestral palette! If you already own Garritan Personal Orchestra and use GarageBand, here’s how to install all the patches for GPO directly into GarageBand.

  1. Click the following link to download the .zip file: GPO for GarageBand
  2. Once the download is complete double click to uncompress the file and you should see this folder icon:GPO Folder Steps
  3. Open a Finder window and follow the path: Macintosh HD >> Library >> Application Support >> GarageBand >> Instrument Library >> Track Settings >> SoftwarePath 3
  4. Place the contents of the “GPO for GarageBand” folder into the “Software” folder.Patches place

The next time you launch GarageBand, you should see all your GPO sounds ready to go!

Please let us know how you get on!


  1. by drb

    This set of channel strip setting works with Logic Pro X as well.

    • by Chris

      drb, can you explain a little more on how this can be used with Logic X? I don’t see the same set of folders showing in my Logic Library as in the diagram above.

      • by Chris

        May have answered my own question, though inelegantly maybe!

        When you perform the described process on GarageBand, if you then open Logic Pro X on that computer, Logic then shows all the Garritan sounds under Library/Legacy/Garageband.

        If possible, Fred, it would be great if you can show a more elegant solution. I’d love to buy some more Garritan sounds for Logic, but I don’t like this workaround.

  2. by anp27

    Any chance you could make the .Cst files for Instant Orchestra and JABB3 too? And for Logic?

    • by Fred Flowerday

      We do have plans to create .CST patches for our other libraries, but we are not currently in active development. Comments like yours certainly help to move things up the priority list! The .CST files included with this post should also work for Logic. Thanks again for your input!

      • by Michael Zimmerman

        Excellent tip! Tested in both GarageBand and Logic X. I second the motion for your other libraries.

  3. by John Miller

    I vote for CMB 2 working for GarageBand. Thanks!

    • by fflowerday

      COMB for GarageBand- Noted! Thanks for the +1 John!

  4. by Bruce

    Hi, All:

    Although I’m not new to digital music production I am new to MACs and very new to GPO — GP0 4, to be exact. My last setup for orchestral music production was Edirol HQ Orchestra and Sonar products, which I still use from time to time.

    When I used the Edirol plug-in in Cakewalk, it seemed I only had to open Edirol once, and then assign instruments to individual tracks in Cakewalk. After following the process for GPO integration into GarageBand as explained on this site, it seems to me that I opened an individual Aria Player “player” for each patch I wanted to use in GarageBand.

    Is this more or less what needs to be done — as opposed to assigning tracks to individual Aria Player tracks, and then opening corresponding tracks in GarageBand? I hope this makes sense, and I would be glad to clarify if I need to. Thanks!

    Shaker Heights, Ohio

    • by fflowerday

      Hey Bruce-
      In GarageBand, each instrument will have it’s own Aria player instance. As best I can see, there is no way to change the specific MIDI channel assignment for an instrument track in GarageBand; Due to the way Aria functions, this necessitates a discrete player per instrument. In Logic, you do have the ability to channelize MIDI tracks, and could potentially have 16 instruments in one Aria player instance. Does this answer your question Bruce?

  5. by Jeff Waggoner

    I too would love to see patches for JABB3 and CMB2!

  6. by Fred Flowerday

    Hey Jeff-
    Thanks for the ‘+’ on JABB and COMB!


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