Garritan in Logic: Multiple ARIA Channels

Planning to use Garritan instruments in Logic X or Logic 9? In an April blog post we shared two short, silent videos (best viewed in full-screen mode) demonstrating the steps to use one Garritan instrument in a project. This might be great if you’re using our CFX Concert Grand virtual piano.

But what if you’re using multiple Aria channels and assigning a Garritan instrument to each one (like when building an entire orchestra using a library like Garritan Personal Orchestra, or even using multiple different libraries)?

Today we’re sharing additional silent videos that show you how to load multiple ARIA channels filled with Garritan instruments into Logic. By following the steps below, you’ll save CPU power on your machine, and set your project up for easier mixing (also find the written steps below the videos):

Garritan in Logic X: Multiple ARIA Channels

Garritan in Logic 9 – Multiple ARIA Channels

 Here are the written steps of procedures shown in the above videos:

  1. Create a new Software Instrument track. Deselect the “Open Library” option. By default, this will assign to Output 1-2.
  2. On the left, click the empty box under I/O in Logic 9, or the Instruments box in Logic X. The plug-ins menu appears. Scroll to the bottom of the menu to find AU Instruments > Garritan > ARIA player > Multi Output (16xStereo). The Aria player will open.
  3. Choose the instruments you need. In our video, we select flute, and french horn.
  4. Change the output of the second instrument to output 3/4. Change the output for the third instrument to 5/6, and so on if you have more than two instruments loaded into this ARIA player. Close the ARIA player.
  5. From Logic’s main window, expand the “Inst 1” item in Logic 9 or the “Track: Garritan Aria” item in Logic X and change the MIDI channel from All to 1.
  6. Create a new track with the next MIDI channel. In our video, we use a keyboard shortcut to achieve this, which we programed ourselves in Logic 9. Scroll to the bottom of this article to find instructions!

You’re finished. By using the “create a new track with next midi channel” feature, Logic automatically assigns the next track to the next MIDI channel in the Aria player. In our example, Logic automatically allowed the second track to play through the French Horn sound we assigned in our ARIA player.

You may wish to re-name the tracks to match their instruments. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip for loading Garritan instruments into Logic when you need multiple tracks. If you’re a Logic user and would like more tips for using your favorite Garritan Library with Logic, let us know in the comments section below. We take requests.

Happy composing!

New Track with Next MIDI Channel – how’d you do that!?

The keyboard shortcut in Logic X to create a new track with next MIDI channel is control + return.

Logic 9 doesn’t include it as a shortcut. But you can create it. Here are the steps:

  1. In Logic Pro 9, from the Preferences menu choose Key Commands. The Key Commands dialog box appears.
  2. In the Arrange Window drop-down menu, select New Track with Next MIDI Channel.
  3. Click Learn New Assignment.
  4. On your keyboard type the desired shortcut keys. We suggest that you use control+return as it’s what Logic Pro X uses for this function.

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