Garritan Weekend Challenge – Summer

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In celebration of the first day of summer, we simply have to have a Garritan Weekend Challenge.

Summer to me means creating as many lesson plans that can be taught outdoors. I like to set up the drum sets on the grass outside of my usual teaching classroom. Summer also means I need to gather up my collection of clothespins and chip-clips so my students and I can pin our sheet music to our music stands in case the wind finds us.

I’d like to hear what summer means to you? Depending on the region you live in, you may experience cold weather most of the year, and summer for you means busting out the flip flops and Hawaiian shirts. Or perhaps summer to you means road construction, thunderstorms or mosquitoes. Do you get a break from teaching in the classroom, or from your own kids while they’re at summer camp during the next few months? Tell us – musically of course! Share with us your tribute to summer.

As always, post your SoundCloud link in the comments section below, and we’ll share your new music. The Garritan weekend challenges have been a fun place to connect with composers from all over the world and hear fresh musical sketches. I hope to see some familiar faces in the results this week, as well as a few newcomers. Don’t be shy! Take the Garritan Weekend Challenge.

Happy composing!

You may remember how our challenges work if you are a regular to the Garritan Weekend Challenge. If you’re new to the Garritan Weekend Challenge, welcome! This is simply a chance for you to practice composing and using Garritan sounds so when your next big composing gig hits, you’re well rehearsed. You can share your music in the comments section below or publish your tune on SoundCloud. It is a great opportunity to have other composers review your work. Most of all, it’s fun.

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