Get to Know IO: Film Scores Fast with Garritan Instant Orchestra

GT_14001_GetToKnowIO_JanBlogHeader_FNLWelcome to the first installment of “Get to Know IO,” a series of blog posts and videos aimed at getting the most out of the incredibly powerful toolset known as Instant Orchestra. Our goal for the series is to share techniques that will help maximize your creativity with IO.

Have you ever had a great theme but ended up scaling back the vision because time and resources were tight? This week’s video was created for you. We focus on tips to quickly create a fully orchestrated, cinematic sound on the fly. Watch as we score to a short piece of film in real time and show how it’s possible to get some truly epic results quickly using IO.


Please let us know what you think by clicking on “Comments” below. In addition to your feedback, feel free to share links to your work, or ask questions about creating specific textures. We hope you regard this as a great opportunity to interact with fellow musicians who are interested in sharing orchestration ideas.

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