Z-Fest Film Festival Trailer Contest

The Z-Fest Film Festival is an annual event in Minnesota where dozens of teams write, shoot, produce, and show short films. The films are around seven minutes long and cover a wide range of subject matter. There is always something for everyone.

Every team submits a film and a 30 second trailer. Before the first screening, there is a trailer contest. The team to receive the highest “thumbs up” count on YouTube is declared the winner.

This year, Garritan’s own Isaac Sobczak had the privilege of providing music for one of the teams. You may remember Isaac from his “Quickly Create Film Scores” video. It’s probably no surprise that Isaac used mostly Garritan sounds for his Z-Fest Film Festival project.

Take a look at the trailer Isaac scored for the Z-Fest Film Festival

Can you tell what instruments were used?

Feel free to leave a comment and let us know how you think the Garritan instruments preformed.

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