Garritan Weekend Challenge – Halloween Edition

PumpkinWelcome to the Halloween edition of the Garritan Weekend Challenge. You’ve guessed it, your challenge this weekend is to write 30 seconds of music that belongs in a horror film. From spooky, to action, to eerily sarcastic, this genre pretty much covers it all.

Of course to accept the Garritan Weekend Challenge, there is no purchase required, and no prize to be given, this is just for fun. Hey, you don’t even have to use Garritan sounds exclusively (I don’t, I use a variety of sound libraries). However, for those of you who would like to try something new, the Garritan Instant Orchestra library has been on sale during the month of October, at a 25% discount. The discount sale ends on Halloween. Or if you need some killer organ sounds, you may consider looking into the Garritan Classic Pipe Organs library.

As always, if you choose to share your music with us in the comments section below, we will share your music with our Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud communities throughout the day on Monday.

I’m really looking forward to listening to what you come up with this weekend. Hey, maybe we’ll all have some fresh new music to play at our Halloween parties. Feel free to break the 30 second time limit. Happy composing!

As a reminder, the best way for you to share your composition with us is to post a Soundcloud link in the comments section below.

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