Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 Made Even Better

Garritan Personal Orchestra Box

In just the few weeks since Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 was released, we’re received some incredible feedback on the new library, and have seen glowing video reviews from Todd Urban, Tony Cliff, and Time+Space, the latter having also interviewed Garritan founder Gary Garritan about the new virtual instrument library.

You’d think the Garritan development team would all be enjoying a much deserved break on a southern Canadian beach, but they’ve been very busy, too.

Earlier this week they updated the Personal Orchestra 5 download at This update is available, for free, to all owners of GPO 5.

It offers several improvements to the instrument definitions, as well as addresses issues we’ve heard about from users. Highlights include:

  • Default volume levels for new brass and string instruments have been optimized to create a better blend across the library
  • Brass keyswitch instruments have been fine-tuned to create a better balance across the keyswitches within the patches
  • Loop points were adjusted for violins 1 and violins 2 harmonics patches
  • Stereo Stage controls were added for all new brass instruments

We also addressed some bugs:

  • Ensemble presets are now loading all of the instruments properly
  • Ensemble presets are now loading with enough default memory
  • ARIA Player AAX plugin is now recognized as valid in Pro Tools
  • An outdated ARIA Player user manual PDF has been removed from new installations in favor of the comprehensive online ARIA Player User Manual
  • GPO 5 now appears in the Programs and Features control panel on Windows

Finally, the Personal Orchestra 5 User Manual has also been updated.

If you already own GPO 5, download the update for free by logging in at  If you don’t own it yet, check out the audio samples and more at the Personal Orchestra home.

Want to share your GPO 5 review with others? Reach out via Garritan’s home on Facebook and Twitter.

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