Film, Television, and Advertisments

Musicians and composers all around the world use Garritan sound libraries in film, television, live concerts, theatre, ballet, interactive games, and events. Check it out for yourself!

arrested-bArrested Development

Garritan Personal Orchestra has been used in Arrested Development on FOX. The show was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Television Series and chosen AFI Program of the Year. David Schwartz is the composer for this series.

CSI-bCSI: Crime Scene Investigation

John Keane has used the sounds of Garritan Orchestral Libraries in the Award-Winning CBS Television crime series CSI: Crime Scene. This top-rated crime drama is one of the most watched, primetime shows on TV.

Composed and performed by John Keane. Copyright John Keane. All rights reserved. Special thanks to CBS.

mercedes-bMercedes Benz

Chicago based sound designer Oto, also known as Kiku Hibino, has produced the orchestral music for an advertisement of the Mercedes Benz CLS Class in Japan. Mercedes is a name synonymous with quality.

iron-chef-bIron Chef America

Garritan Libraries have been used in the show Iron Chef America. The composer for the show is Craig Marks.

sexcity-bSex and the City

Garritan Orchestral Strings were used in some of the last episodes of the HBO hit series Sex and the City. Didier Rachou composed the music.

Composed and Performed by Didier Rachou. ©Proctor and Gamble for the Guiding Light. ©Chesky Records for Hollywood In A Box.


The sounds of Garritan Orchestral Libraries can be heard in the award-winning ABC detective series MONK, starring Tony Shalhoub. Composer Jeff Beal recently received a Prime Time Emmy Award for his music in the television show.

guidinglight-bGuiding Light

Guiding Light was the longest running show in broadcast history. Didier Rachou composed music in which he uses the Garritan Orchestral Strings.

Composed and Performed by Didier Rachou. © Proctor and Gamble for the Guiding Light. © Chesky Records for Hollywood In A Box.

busterkeatongeneral-bThe General

The sounds of Garritan Orchestral Libraries can be heard in the score for the recent remake of the Buster Keaton masterpiece, The General. The entire commissioned work is a 70-minute orchestral suite composed and performed by Jeff Beal.

cslewis-bThe Life of C.S. Lewis

“The Life of C.S. Lewis” on Day of Discovery, is a 4-part TV series based on the life of C.S. Lewis. The show aired on the PAX Network and used Garritan Personal Orchestra extensively. John Daniels composed the music for the series.

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