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Melody: Lessons 3-10

This lesson begins the journey into the craft of orchestrating melodies. A melody is often what is remembered most about a piece of music. The way a melody is orchestrated can make it memorable or easily forgotten. Using orchestral color to restate the melody in a new and unique ways is what makes for a good orchestrator. Different instrument combinations can drastically affect the mood the orchestrator is trying to convey.

Lesson 3: Melody for Stringed Instruments


Lesson 4: Grouping in Unison

Lesson 5: Doubling, Thirds, and Sixths


Lesson 6: Melody in Woodwinds


Lesson 7: Woodwinds in Unison and Octaves


Lesson 8: Brass – Melody, Unisons & Octaves


Lesson 9: Different Groups of Instruments Combined Part 1


Lesson 10: Different Groups of Instruments Combined Part II