Garritan World Instruments Demo

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Virtual instrument software brings unique instrument sounds from around the world into your home studio. The Garritan World Instruments sound library is perfect for composing music for film, making video game audio, and simply adding flavor to any composer’s original composition.

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Learn why the World Instruments library is right for you!

Ethnic Instrument Samples

  • Over 350 instruments from all regions of the globe
  • Large variety of wind, percussion, and string instruments from India, Japan, Africa, China, the Middle East, Latin America, Australia, and other regions
  • The sampled sounds capture the essence of these enthralling instruments while providing the necessary controls to play them expressively
  • See a full instrument list of the Garritan World Instruments library

The Garritan Aria Player

  • The Garritan World Instruments sound library is proudly powered by the ARIA Player. No need to purchase a separate sampler.
  • Adjust the overall timbre and note lengths for individual instruments
  • Control the placement of microphones with Stereo Stage
  • Learn more about the NEW and IMPROVED Aria Player


The Garritan World Instrument sample library can be yours for only $149.95


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